VERF Launches Mobility and Access in African Cities (MAC)

Deadline: 15 October 2019

The MAC program seeks to contribute to forming a new generation of highly skilled sub-Saharan university researchers and teachers, as well as to engage professionals, policy makers and actors within civil society who are committed to achieving goals of sustainable and equitable urban mobility and access. Leading international experts can also contribute to the program through collaborative research projects with their sub-Saharan African counterparts.

Thematic Clusters

  • Thematic Cluster 1: User Needs and Practices, Equity Issues
  • Thematic Cluster 2: Governance, Politics, Institutions and Finances
  • Thematic Cluster 3: Emerging Business Models and Services Options
  • Thematic Cluster 4: Safety, Health and the Urban Environment
  • Thematic Cluster 5: System Design and Modal Integration
  • The total budget for this Call is 3 million Swedish crowns (approx. 280.000 Euros).
  • VREF envisages supporting up to six projects, each with a grant up to approx. 47,000 Euros.
  • The project grant can be used to cover costs for salaries, travel, equipment, possible workshops/project meetings and other costs directly linked to project implementation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Projects must be directed at generating new knowledge that clearly addresses issues in at least one of the above thematic clusters (linkages to additional thematic clusters may also be included).
  • Projects must include comparative work from urban areas in at least two sub-Saharan African countries.
  • The project leader must be based in a research environment at a university in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The project team must consist of researchers from at least two different universities in sub-Saharan Africa (other partners, such as cities, organizations from civil society or NGOs may also be included).

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